Managing and restoring aquatic EcologicAl corridors for migratory fiSh species in the danUbe RivEr basin (MEASURES)

MEASURES aims to create ecological corridors by identifying key habitats and initiating protection measures along the Danube and its main tributaries. In this sense, sturgeons and other migratory fish will act as flagship species in support of our goals. Migratory fish species represent a historical, economic and natural heritage of the Danube and are indicators of the ecological status of its watercourses, especially concerning the function of the river as an ecological corridor. Transnational management of these corridors and restoration actions, as well as restocking with indigenous species are essential.

In the three years of the project, MEASURES means:

» developing and testing a methodology for mapping and identifying habitats for migratory fish species;

» design a harmonized strategy for restoring ecological corridors and supporting implementation in future management plans;

» restocking of two native species to conserve their genetic pool in Hungary and Romania, establishing a network for the coordinated repopulation of the target species and composing a manual for the operation of broodstock facilities that will provide the offspring needed for future re-population efforts;

» the implementation of the MEASURES Information System will facilitate the access of relevant information to experts, decision-makers and the general public to the relevant information available.

Concrete input into future drafts of policy and management plans will secure the consideration of our project outcomes into sustainable measures aimed to restore the function of ecological corridors.

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